Computer problems solved!

Have you ever spent hours trying to solve some mysterious problem with you brand new computer only wishing you had a friend to call? You don't have to wish anymore that friend is here!! Can't install new software? Your system hangs in the middle of reading your AOL messages? Suddenly lightening fast response becomes turtle slow? Do you have questions on how to use software? Can't find that treasured letter to Aunt Mildred after you save it and reboot your machine? Have you downloaded a file with just the software you wanted to use and can't find it? Would you like to have a home page of your own but have no clue where to start? Do you know how to use the internet as your long distance phone? What about hooking up a web cam? Al Lolio answers questions like these and more! If you live in the Queen Creek area, you can hire Al by the hour, to assist in all your entire Computer needs. No problem too big or small!